Bradley was my dance teacher and private instructor for 3 years. In those 3 years i learned to dance the cha cha and the rumba, the waltz and the foxtrot, the nightclub 2-step and the hustle, the american tango and the argentine tango, the swing and more. I also became a good follower.

When I started dancing I was still recovering from a head injury that made any mind-body coordination hard work, and anything that involved spinning was almost impossible. It took a lot of patience to break down dance steps to a level that I could take in in my condition, and even more patience to practice them with me. Through all of this, Bradley always found ways to encourage me and make sure that dancing was fun for me. When he noticed my interest in tango we focused on it for a while and he invited me to perform with him at an event. That was a thrilling experience. My husband who is not a dancer, came to see me perform and was impressed.

Bradley is a wonderful dancer and a gifted, professional teacher. I highly recommend him.

— Eva Ruland, Transformational Coach, IBlossom, Evolve! Coaching for a Purposeful Life

"If you've ever taken a dance class or wanted to, you'd be very fortunate to be instructed by Bradley Montoya. He has that unique quality we call the "it" factor. Not only is he a talented dancer and leader, as an instructor, he communicates with precision and humor. He can anticipate your wrong move before you even make it and he can easily correct a movement at a glance. He does what all great leaders do, he makes you the best dancer that you can be!"

— Donna L. Milette, District Manager, Arbonne

I dreamed of dancing my whole life, my parents would not give me lessons. So when I had children of my own, I put them in dance as well as my grandchild. At 60-something it was MY turn. I found Bradley, who gave me confidence, inspiration and the tools to become a ballroom dancer.

The costumes, exercise, camaraderie has been an exulting experience. I will always be thankful and wholeheartedly recommend Bradley to fill your needs on and off the dance floor, I treasure our friendship as well as the gift of dance he has given me.

P.S. My husband loved dancing with him as well!!!

— Connie Lekas-Lecatsas, Age: 70, Castro Valley, Calif. Retired CVUSD, Part time office mgr/teacher, Castro valley performing arts

My criteria for coaching has always been that I want to be trained by the professional dancer that I can’t take my eyes away from when I see them on the competition floor. When I first saw Bradley Montoya dance with his partner, I knew that I wanted to be coached by him and am so thankful for the opportunity. I have truly learned so much. It is so exciting to be able to say that as I have just had my 67th birthday, I have never danced better. The only thing more exciting is that I know with Bradley’s skill, great teaching ability, patience and encouragement that the best is yet to come.

— Phyllis Loya, Attorney, Law Office of Phyllis Loya

Bradley gave my late wife and I ballroom dance lessons. We developed a good teacher student relationship. Bradley is an outstanding instructor. After my wife's passing I became a dance host on Cruise ship and was able to see a great amount of the world. It was great that I had such great training.

— Wade Walter, Dance Host

To say the least, Bradley is a wonderful dance instructor. I started taking classes with Bradley after attending a wedding where I felt out of place during the dance portion. I had always avoided dancing because I’m uncoordinated and rhythmically challenged to say the least. Bradley’s patience immediately put me at ease. He begins each lesson with a review of the basic step and then transitions into a new step/trick and by the end of the lesson you will be able to dance a full song. I immediately got hooked and started attending classes 3-4 times a week. Although I am no expert, I now feel comfortable dancing a wide variety of dance styles and regularly plan events to go dancing with friends.

— Emily Wei, Student, University of Texas

My dream since I was a little girl was to be a dancer. I struggled to make my dream happen to a point that I gave up on it. At age 30 I couldn’t believe the accomplishment I made. In the two years I worked with Bradley, I competed in all four styles from Latin to Smooth. I never lost and always got better. I never would have thought this could be possible, especially after having two kids, and life constantly throwing you challenges that pull you away from your dream. But I’m thankful and grateful to have Bradley believe in me and coach me through my good days and bad. He took me from being a beginner to a being a winner.

He’s an amazing teacher and friend. he got me through the worst time of my life and got me out wining and proud on myself. Dreams can become true all you need is hard work and great teacher to get you though it. Thank you Bradley my life has changed for the better because of you.

— Summer Farouni, Fitness Trainer, Alameda, CA