One of the greatest joys of dancing is having the ability to express your art and passion whenever and wherever the occasion calls for. While in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the World Championships, my wife and I decided to travel to the Feria de San Telmo, the barrio neighborhood of San Telmo. This square is visited by 10,000 tourists from all over the world each Sunday.  We walked the streets, ate the food and browsed the shops. As we found ourselves drawn to the source where beautiful, authentic Argentine Tango music was playing, we were approached by an attractive red-haired lady dressed in blue. She and several companions were selling authentic Argentine Tango music around a small wooden dance floor. Not knowing who I was or if I knew a single dance step, she asked me if I would share a mid-afternoon tango with her. As a gentleman I accepted, offered her my hand, and escorted her onto the dance floor. Though I had my sunglasses on, I took a mental snapshot of the dimensions of the floor and let the nolstalgic music move us both. Her skill and connection to her country's national dance were second to none, and allowed two dancers who lived thousands of miles apart to speak the language of dance that I will never forget. As the dance came to an end, I looked around to find a huge crowd watching, recording and enjoying the Argentine Tango by the visiting American in sunglasses and the beautiful Argentinian with red hair.

Learning to dance opens up doors worldwide that you can never prepare for. From basic steps danced in your living room to a spontaneous Argentine Tango in its native country, dancing can create lasting, memorable experiences. Learn to dance and spread the joy.



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