Bradley Montoya is a professional ballroom dancer, a certified ballroom dance instructor, and the Chief Visionary Officer of World Dance University, an online dance school based in Northern California. 

Bradley began studying with world-renowned ballroom professionals after graduating from high school in 1995. A few years later, he moved to Southern California to continue his passion for dance and to pursue formal education in counseling and religious studies. In 1999, at the age of 22, Bradley accepted an opportunity to be a Special Guest Entertainer for Princess Cruise line. While cruising around the globe and teaching thousands of passengers to dance, he developed a vision of a company that would allow him to teach students all over the world.  He knew that he would need more education, experience, business knowledge and credibility to attain his vision, so he set out to improve himself as a dancer, an instructor and a professional.

After over a year teaching aboard cruise ships, Bradley relocated to Vancouver, Washington to open his first ballroom dance school, Dance on Air. Three successful years of business later, he closed the studio in order to begin training select students to feature in instructional dance videos. The process proved to him that video was a viable and effective form of dance instruction, but also taught him that he needed further dance education and professional experience in order to truly realize his dream. 

In 2004, Bradley moved to Northern California to join the dance school Arthur Murray, Inc. Two years later, Bradley opened Linden Street Dance Studio, through which he competed professionally and won many professional championships in Rhythm, Smooth, Argentine Tango, Salsa, and Show dances. Bradley went on to attain a national finalist position in Argentine Tango, as well as a professional country world championship with the UCWDC.

In 2012, Bradley married Lauren Montoya, a self-employed entrepreneur with over twenty years of business experience. His artistic and technical prowess on the dance floor coupled perfectly with her expertise to finally make his vision a reality. Together they founded WDU, with Bradley as its Chief Visionary Officer and Lauren as its Chief Executive Officer.

Bradley and Lauren live in Alameda, California, where they dance recreationally and occasionally participate in DanceSport pro-am competitions. With their faith in God, the love and support of their three children, and their belief that anything is possible, Bradley and Lauren look forward to giving back to the dance community and making the joy of dance more affordable and accessible to new students across the globe.